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Aphrodisiac herbs

Amlaki nourishes everybody without distinction, promotes long healthy life

Brain Tonic herbs

Ashwagandha tones your body and offers possibilities for rejuvenation

Cardiac Tonic herbs

Bitter gourd cures diabetes & AIDS, purifies blood and heals ulcers & tumours

Anti-Aging herbs

Bramhi improves intellects, memory and cures insanity

Anti-AIDS herbs 

Brihmi increases longevity and adds years to healthy life

Anti-Cancer herbs

Ikshugandha cures seminal weakness and impotency

Anti-Diabetes herbs

Peepal promises knowledge and peace of mind to all in touch with you

Anti-Insomnia herbs 

Tulsi refreshes you in all atmosphere

Anti-Obesity herbs

Tropical orchids purify blood, potent tonic for brain and heart functions, cure impotency,            rejuvenate long healthy life

Refreshing herbs

Vanilla stimulates brain and sexual propensities

General Tonic herbs   

Dr. Hans Kataria   PhD, AvHF (Germany)

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